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LX2 Diary blog migration..

July 30, 2008

I have been delaying this decision for a while, but finally it had to be:


Reasons why:

  • WordPress has got restrictions and limitations regarding publishing media such as Flash and virtual tours (when hosting with them) that make it impossible to add this kind of stuff to the site. I have decided to host the blog in my own server in order to be able to include all the new stuff I am working on..
  • With the arrival of the GX100-and whatever may come in the future… 😉 – this is not a LX2 Diary exclusively any more..
  • For quite a while I have felt really curious about self-hosting the blog and what kind of experience that would be so I guess this is a moment as good as any!!
  • It is amazing the amount of new possiblities it opens..I have imported the whole LX2 diary into the new “smallsensordiary” so it will be contained in it.

I hope you will understand and will excuse me for any inconveniences, I believe it will be worth it. I hope to see you all soon “on the other side”

Best wishes,  Erik Ahrend