It´s oficial now..!!

July 21, 2008


I received the link to the LX3 picture on saturday but left for the weekend and couldn´t post before. It seems like it is official now!! 

I appalude Panasonic for keeping the 10Mp resolution sensor. apparently they have worked hard on a new sensor which is not only bigger (bigger photosites) but also accompanied of their new Venus IV engine. There are plenty of reviews on the net now, and a very interesting feature: They have finally decided to comercialise a lumix branded filter and converter adapter!!

Toghether with this they will comercialise a wideangle converter bringing 18mm FOV, some filters, a leather case and an external (attached via the hotshoe) optical viewfinder!! Mr. Sean Reid, it seems like Panasonic has a subscription to your review site..



Oh, and finally, 1cm macro!!

WOW, now this is an exciting camera!!




  1. Charming, that’s what it is. This might be the replacement camera for my GX100.

  2. He, tempting, eh? I encourage you to go ahead..This beauty will surely be in my hands some day..Now I need to make a compromise, I promissed myself I wouldn´t end with a zillion cameras again!

  3. It looks like Panasonic read your LX3 WishList, at least as far as the lens and the sensor are concerned 🙂

  4. Indeed, the 24mm alone, a possible 18mm through a converter and 1cm macro would make it a lovely landscape camera. We are all currently waiting to see some raw images to be able to judge if it lives up to our mutural expectations…

  5. This looks indeed very good, the fast lens, slightly larger sensor and now finally a good macro mode and a handgrip. Looks like Panasonic read your Wishlist and also had a close look at the Ricoh GX100 with the My Settings on the dial. Shame they did not implement and control wheels as this would make it perfect.
    Wonder if Panasonic will also release an update to the LC1. I really started to like the camera but the LX3 is very tempting now although I should not buy any extra cameras.

  6. Hi Guys!! Thanks for the comments. It is clear that Panasonic has been listening or paying attention to the market somehow. I allways thought that , as a manufacturer it should be fairly easy and cheap to get a good feeling of the market by having a team just reading the forums..Probably cheaper than costly and complex market studies done by companies with expensive offices and long names. Ricoh, as a relatively small company seems to excel in the “pleasing our customers” department. Funny that leading multimillionaire companies like Canon continue to fail to it´s cusrtomers wishes once and again for the sake of marketing bullshit and profit making..I´m glad that Panasonic seems to be listening and that they have understood that the “serious compact” arena is fairly more important and usefull than it looks.


  7. This is getting very exciting!! I’m tempted. 😛

  8. We all are!! It seems like Panasonic has managed to bring out one of the most “shaking” products lately…

  9. It has been officially released:


    and so far, there are three reviews:


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