Shoot square!

July 15, 2008

One of the cool features of the GX100, the square format, a format of masters, and a difficult one to master..Here is my weekend attempt


Ricog GX100, f7.1, 15.3mm, 1/64, iso80, B&W JPEG, Slightly processed in PS

Ricoh GX100, f3.8, 6mm, 1/440, iso80, Colour JPEG, Unprocessed

As an interesting note, and not having done enough shooting yet I have to say I am liking the GX100´s colour JPEG´s very much, specially with mixed light and for portraits, very pleasing natural tones as long as you keep the setting to “normal”. In the following picture I was in an artifitialy illuminated Café with a big window right behing my back allowing in plenty of natural light. This image is unprocessed and I believe the camera did a wonderful job..By the way, portraits at 24mm might not be the most flattering..

Ricoh GX100, f3.8, 5.1mm, 1/24, iso100, Colour JPEG, Unprocessed

Lovely little camera!! Doing plenty of testing and comparing at the moment, not much time for writting but something will be published soon.. 




  1. You seem to have mastered the square format quite well. Really like the first and 2nd picture. While the first would also work very well in a wider format the 2nd benefits from the square format.
    Good to see you are adapting well to the camera and get such great results. Keep them coming.

  2. I shoot a lot of medium format, mostly 6×6, and so in fooling around with the R8 I decided to limit myself to squares. The beach photo & your menu photo work well in the square format. The landscape doesn’t work as well because of the left to right symmetry…. well, only my opinion, of course. I like the beach (sand… is it at a beach?) photo best.

  3. Awesome Erik! A LX2 photographer gets GX100. Seeing your photographs makes me miss my camera 😦
    The first photograph with a bit more contrast would really be a great photograph. Very well framed.


  4. r8square, thanks for taking the time and for the comments! As I mentioned in the entry, I find square format (one that I am not familiarized with) very difficult to master..Some o the greates fine art photographers (Michael Kenna himself) have chosen it as their exclusive format, and that should be indicative of how much talent you need to master it..

    Any lins to your R8 stuff??

    Thanks, Erik.

  5. Wouter, thanks! Funny, I allready added quite a lot of contrast to that image. The one thing I have noticed with JPEG´s from the GX100 in their “normal” setting is a lack of contrast..


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