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Shoot square!

July 15, 2008

One of the cool features of the GX100, the square format, a format of masters, and a difficult one to master..Here is my weekend attempt


Ricog GX100, f7.1, 15.3mm, 1/64, iso80, B&W JPEG, Slightly processed in PS

Ricoh GX100, f3.8, 6mm, 1/440, iso80, Colour JPEG, Unprocessed

As an interesting note, and not having done enough shooting yet I have to say I am liking the GX100´s colour JPEG´s very much, specially with mixed light and for portraits, very pleasing natural tones as long as you keep the setting to “normal”. In the following picture I was in an artifitialy illuminated Café with a big window right behing my back allowing in plenty of natural light. This image is unprocessed and I believe the camera did a wonderful job..By the way, portraits at 24mm might not be the most flattering..

Ricoh GX100, f3.8, 5.1mm, 1/24, iso100, Colour JPEG, Unprocessed

Lovely little camera!! Doing plenty of testing and comparing at the moment, not much time for writting but something will be published soon..