Human versus Natura

June 14, 2008

Panasonic LX2, f4.5, 1/1300, 6,3mm, iso100, B&W JPEG, Cropped to 1:1 & Processed in PS

“..Humans want peace, brotherhood and welfare, that is not the case with nature; nature wants discord, confrontation and blood…”

  Friedrich Nietzsche


Unfortunately it has been impossible to keep up this week..Meetings, running and the unexpected have kept me running like mad all week, while the very little nature that still surround us has been still, silently watching my moves, shaking her laves with incomprehension..

Though I nearly never crop my images, today I felt the urge to do so with this one. It´s the first time ever , if I recall correctly, I have produced a square image, a format that I find difficult and that has remained untameable..

Wish you all good light while I try to climb in a beam of it (to continue rushing..)

Best, Erik.






  1. The cropping makes the image that much stronger. Good idea! Such a strong picture. What is the background? Such a great idea of having it so out of focus.

  2. The square format cropping and slight yellow toning, together with the excellent composition makes this photograph really beautiful. Well done Erik.

  3. I agree, cropping is not aways a shame, or something that’s ‘not done’… On a second review, at your screen, things can look different. You would be surprised how many other compositions there are under old paintings from masters!

    Incredible depth in this picture, this is how nature is, nice close up and nice and wide at the same time!

  4. Great picture. Agree with the comments before, the cropping works very well here. Also the tones are very nice and the background is very intruguing since it’s not easy to make out. Would like to see a picture of the background at some point, the bridge and town underneath look very interesting.

  5. Thanks for the coments!! Cropping is not really my cup of tea, but I have no “philosophicall” concerns about doing it if necesary..

    Regarding the place and the blured background: What you see in the background is a huge bridge, with a group of houses ( the oldest ones in the neighborhood) and a semi-derelict banana plantation on the bottom of the gully..To get to the higher part of the island yo needed to do a 30-40 minute drive. Today it´s a five minutes drive accross the bridge directly from the city center. Yeah, progress is great, and we live surounded by comodities , but a beautiful and wild enviroment has been filled with concrete (again). This gully is full of history, and is one that connects the high island with the capital. In the old times there was water flowing down to the sea, but we haven´t seen that for two generations now. It is full of caves with aborigin rests, but now is is crowded with houses (many are illegal constructions) and rubish. Our history sinks with our roots as the only generation (that of my grandfather) that linked us to that glorious past has allready dissapeared with their values and histories..


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