A room with a view..

June 7, 2008

Canon 20D, f16, 1/6, 24mm, iso200, RAW Dev. in LR and Proc. in PS

Today you are going to allow me a little cheat..Yes, you read correctly, this is indeed a Canon 20D image, let me elaborate. In 2005 I replaced the Canon 10D I had (my first DSLR) with a Canon 20D. For months I shot everything in RAW, but for a number of reasons for a long time I didn´t do any editing. The images simply got stacked in a hard drive..

Not long after, the dissaster that I had been expecting for a while happened..I went through a painful divorce. To make a long story short, sold my house, sold my share of the company I was running at that time and changed island to put some sea in between to start a new life from scratch..

Today, still some of my things are in boxes..And that is where this image comes into play. It has been a couple of years in a hard drive that was forgotten in a box in a storing room..with hundreds of images that I had never worked on and that were completely forgotten!!

As I have been experimenting with RAW in the last weeks, and I have had no time to shoot at all this last days, I thought I would share this image with you so I wouldn´t leave you empty handed for the weekend.. 😉  After all, it is in a way a creation from today…

Back on Monday, have a nice weekend!!





  1. That is a sad story Erik. The photograph does seem to take its share in the story too.

  2. Sorry to hear Erik. Life sure has ups and downs for us.
    Agree with Wouter that the picture has it’s share in the story, too.

  3. Hi Guys!! nearly three years later I don´see it as a sad story any more..Had the chance to start again from scratch, with new goals, in a new place and as far as I am concerned, when a door closes it is only to let another one open..Those events where probably the fuel for a new stage of life (a very rewarding one). Life is good!!


  4. And that is good for you Erik. Cheers! Congrats too with the victory over Russia this night! Our teams did well at the Euro2008 😀

  5. Wouter, you know how things are with the spanish selection..allways brilliant at first and then they drop.. Just let´s hope things are different this year and we FINALLY manage to pass the “fourths”.


  6. Let’s see if history repeats it self. It has been 20 years ago the Netherlands became champions for the first time 😀

  7. …we shall find out shortly (for good or bad)… 😉

  8. This is good to hear Erik and you’re right. Never look back but look forward and make the best of now :).

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