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A room with a view..

June 7, 2008

Canon 20D, f16, 1/6, 24mm, iso200, RAW Dev. in LR and Proc. in PS

Today you are going to allow me a little cheat..Yes, you read correctly, this is indeed a Canon 20D image, let me elaborate. In 2005 I replaced the Canon 10D I had (my first DSLR) with a Canon 20D. For months I shot everything in RAW, but for a number of reasons for a long time I didn´t do any editing. The images simply got stacked in a hard drive..

Not long after, the dissaster that I had been expecting for a while happened..I went through a painful divorce. To make a long story short, sold my house, sold my share of the company I was running at that time and changed island to put some sea in between to start a new life from scratch..

Today, still some of my things are in boxes..And that is where this image comes into play. It has been a couple of years in a hard drive that was forgotten in a box in a storing room..with hundreds of images that I had never worked on and that were completely forgotten!!

As I have been experimenting with RAW in the last weeks, and I have had no time to shoot at all this last days, I thought I would share this image with you so I wouldn´t leave you empty handed for the weekend.. 😉  After all, it is in a way a creation from today…

Back on Monday, have a nice weekend!!