Time to think & Human trails…

June 5, 2008

Panasonic LX2, f8, 1/125, 6,3mm, iso100, RAW Dev. in LR and processed in PS



Panasonic LX2, f6.3, 1/100, 6,3mm, iso200, B&W JPEG, Processed in PS





  1. Your “Time to Think” photograph is wonderful and I like the cloud textures. Now that is what I call a pretty overcast. The “Human Trails” picture works very well in B&W

  2. Time to think is simply great, like the scale and light plus the texture of the clouds is very nice.
    Human Trails works great in b&w but maybe a bit more contrast would work better?

  3. Hi, I just recently got a LX2 and I really like it so far but I feel like I’m not getting the full potential out of the camera. This is because, well… I’m relatively new to photography and I’m not sure where to start. The pictures you take, on the other hand, are pretty amazing. Would you happen to know any online resources where I might be able to do some research on photography (and maybe on this camera in specific?)

  4. Wouter and Cris, thanks!! It´s been hard to keep up the last days specially as the weather is so drearful and grim at the moment. Need to “punish” the files in Photoshop heavily to get something..

    Best, Erik.

  5. Darryl, thanks for the kind comments!! The camera is really beautifull, and very capable of producing marvellous files. I tend to think of the results straight out of the camera as the “raw” material (even when I shoot JPEG..) with which I start working to get the image I had in mind. I believe editing is a fact of life as it was in the old darkroom days where a negative was just a starting point..The limit: your imagination (and skills). I can recommend some sited where you will find plenty of usefull information as well as nice forums with a helpfull comunity of fellow-photographers: http://www.luminouslandscape.com (a well know serious site with plenty of tutorials and reviews). http://www.getdpi.com ( a relatively new site but with a lot of nice and helpfull people that share a passion..) A quick search on Google will bring a zillion sites full of information and tutorials, though I would suggest taking all you read as a starting point and not being afraid of experimenting..It does pay back. Good luck and hope to see you sharing your photos soon (maybe a blog..? ;-))

    Best, Erik.

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