Mercy & Let there be light..

June 4, 2008

Panasonic LX2, f7.1, 1/1300, 6,3mm, iso100, B&W JPEG, cropped and processed in PS



Panasonic LX2, f6.3, 1/500, 10mm, iso100, B&W JPEG Processed in PS





  1. AMAZING picture! Was that a painting? It looks like you took a picture of the wall. Then Photoshopped a swimmer into it, but I dont know if that is how you did that.

  2. Hi and thanks for the comments! It is actually a painting in the wall. Amazing, I know, some people are really tallented!!

    Best, Erik.

  3. Both are outstanding Erik. I love the lightray’s of the second.

  4. Wouter, thanks once more! I believe those rays of light were the only decent “light moment” we had yesterday, we are having the most boring and ugly light at the moment. Really uninspiring..


  5. The first is very nice but the 2nd shot of the rays is great. Very dramatic sky and I like the boats and ship in the background.

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