Image revisited

June 2, 2008

The Nikon WC-E68 is here now!! It is actually mounted in my lovely LX2 and it looks beautiful. And I admit it, I´m teasing you, and it feels great..:-) More on the converter soon..

Now on a different subject, I very seldom re-visit my own images. once I have processed it, it´s done. I am allways afraid of overdoing my images, and the truth is that when you spend too much time with an image you start loosing track..

When I originally posted “Saint Cristopher´s Castle” in this Blog, our fellow Wouter Brandsma pointed that a bit more work could give the image some better “drama”. It actually looks a bit dull to me now. Those who have been reading this blog surely know by now that I swear bt JPEG´s, but curiously, this is one of the very few images I have a RAW original file of..So as a result of some sunday experimentation with LightRoom I decided to post a revisited version of it..

Original file: B&W JPEG, processed in PS. Latest version: RAW developed in LR and processed in PS.





  1. Congrats Erik. It was a well composed photograph, but now it great in B&W too. I love the contrast!

  2. Thanks Wouter. The merit is all yours..You suggested a rework of it and provided the tips necesary for the conversion..Great stuff on the LightRoom technique, combined with some more traditional darkroom technique it can be a powerfull tool. Suffice to say that this morning I started shooting RAW..If I will restrict myself to it still remains to be seen..

    Good day!!

  3. The contrast is indeed much beter now and the image looks more crisp and detailed.

  4. Once you feel the joy of processing your raw files you won’t return back Erik. Import them in Lightroom with a preset (like the desaturate preset I explained) and start using the target adjustment tool. There is so much more you can do with it.
    And the LX2 is a pretty fast raw shooter (faster than a GX100).

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