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Image revisited

June 2, 2008

The Nikon WC-E68 is here now!! It is actually mounted in my lovely LX2 and it looks beautiful. And I admit it, I´m teasing you, and it feels great..:-) More on the converter soon..

Now on a different subject, I very seldom re-visit my own images. once I have processed it, it´s done. I am allways afraid of overdoing my images, and the truth is that when you spend too much time with an image you start loosing track..

When I originally posted “Saint Cristopher´s Castle” in this Blog, our fellow Wouter Brandsma pointed that a bit more work could give the image some better “drama”. It actually looks a bit dull to me now. Those who have been reading this blog surely know by now that I swear bt JPEG´s, but curiously, this is one of the very few images I have a RAW original file of..So as a result of some sunday experimentation with LightRoom I decided to post a revisited version of it..

Original file: B&W JPEG, processed in PS. Latest version: RAW developed in LR and processed in PS.





Monday morning!!

June 2, 2008

GOOD MORNING!! It´s monday, the weather is beautifull and my Nikon WC-E68 wide angle converter is in the post office waiting for me!! I´m off to do some work stuff and pick it up later. I will surely post back this afternoon with some news…Am I excited!!

Have a nice day you all!!