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June 1, 2008
Panasonic LX2, f8, 1/1600, 6.3mm, iso100, B&W JPEG Processed in PS

The days are extremely bright here at the moment, perfect for a silly, loose & easygoing pic for today…Hey, it´s sunday!!

And, as it´s sunday, the perfect day for turorial read, I recomend and essay from fellow blogger Wouter Brandsma on his peculiar and particular Lightroom B&W conversion techniques on his photoblog. Really worth the read..


  1. Nice picture although I think it would have worked better in color.

  2. For the extreme front light situation this is quite a remarkable exposure. I like the composition.
    And thank you Erik for mentioning my blog entry!


  3. Cris, lately I´m carrying the LX2 in the old Leica M7 with Tri-x style..Switched to B&W JPEG and hasn´t moved from there in a while!!

    Note to self: I need to start consideing RAW, I need to start consideing RAW, I need to start consideing RAW…


  4. Wouter, as mentioned before, the LX2 is a great performer when it comes to extreme backlight.

    My pleassure to mention your essay. Being a complete newbie to LR it has been enlightening. I experimented with your technique during the weekend with some of my files. and though your method differs greatly from the way I have been doing things up to now and I obviously need to give it time and experimentation, there is definetely a huge potential in it.



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