The chemical illusion.

May 31, 2008

Panasonic LX2, f7.1, 1/1300, 6,3mm, iso100, B&W JPEG Processed in PS

They say there is a scientific explanation for every phenomena in life. Fraternal love has a biological origin. Nothing more than a natural conditioning factor to ensure the perpetuation of the species. Now go and tell a father that his unconditional love is nothing but a part of the perfect plan of life, and that he is just an obedient pawn on the great chessboard of mother nature..

But if that is so, then love, together with hatred, compassion and all the other human passions, are nothing but  chemical illusions, only good for the pens of the poets. There is evil and good in every being. And if that is so, then crime, genocide and abuse can also be explained under the optic of the biological conditioning for the survival of the stronger individuals. I believe that in the steep ascent of the human species, we have achieved great goals, conquered a higher level of conscience and soul that should allow us to admit that some things simply escape our understanding.

Now try to express it with a mathematical formula, or explain it by watching the esence of life through a microscope, but the truth is that a little girl will allways find a warm place in the loving arms of her daddy..




  1. Cool subject!

  2. Life is simple 😉 Great photograph and excellent wondering story.

  3. Amazing shot, one of your best. Great capture, the composition, light and tones are great. Only thing is to maybe grop some of the bottom bit and have the shadow come closer to the edge of the picture.

  4. Wouter, I believe I was about 13 the last time I thought life is simple… 😉

    Cris, thanks for the comments. The one thing I really like about your visits is that you allways have a sugestion regarding my images and don´t doubt about giving your opinion if you believe it would have worked better in a different way. It´s really empowering to get honest feedback. Thanks!!

    Regarding today´s suggestion: Cropped version


  5. Thanks Erik, I always try to give my opinion and believe constructive suggestions or criticism of ones work is the best way to improve. Most of the time I do not have too much to add since your pictures are great and I would not change anything.

    The cropped version looks much better in my opinion. Find the composition a bit stronger through it.

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