Playing with the light..

May 23, 2008

For those of you who dared calling my “photographic crap” weird things such as “inspirational”….Here I come!!

PanasonicLX2, f4.9, 1/20, 25,2mm, iso400, B&W JPEG, Processed in PS

PanasonicLX2, f4.5, 1/25, 11,6mm, iso400, B&W JPEG, Processed in PS

PanasonicLX2, f4.5, 1/6, 18mm, iso200, Colour JPEG, Processed in PS

I had a vertical day..





  1. It seems the vertical day was inspirational for you. Don’t be too modest Erik. I like them, especially the number one and two.

  2. Wouter, thanks. After a couple of days without a photo I went out taking pictures of everything like a mad man..

  3. There is indeed a wall pushing you to take pictures. Very good, especially the first and third.

  4. Thanks Cris, in the first pic. the kid was jumping from one square in the floor to another, (anything is a game during childhood)..I still need some practice to try and compensate the slight shutter lag in the camera to get as close as possible to “decisive moments”. I am afraid I didn´t quite capture the kids motion in the way I wanted, but it was a matter os a second or two to get the pic. On the second one, I had a good subject but I think I screwed it with the composition, too wide maybe.. I´m still having great fun with this little gem..If only the Ricoh wasn´t the last thing I think every day before I go to sleep!! 😉


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