The unavoidable..

May 22, 2008

Tried to avoid it by all means, but it happened: A merciless flu that had been keeping my company for a while finally confined me to my ungratefull bed. It has kept me away from photos, work or anything else for a good while but…I´m back!! And I´m afraid I will be torturing you faithfull visitors with some more of my photographic crap!!!! 

Ah, regarding loyal visitors: roughly three weeks since I started this blog and allready 2000 visits!!!  THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!!!

Good light to you all..Erik.



  1. Pleased to see you’re back on the air and look forward to more of your “photographic crap” 😉
    I’m very new to the blogging scene and have been quite motivated by your LX2 site!
    best regards

  2. Thanks Victor, hope I can keep up…

    Best, Erik.

  3. Hey Erik! Great to have you back, missed your very inspirational “photographic crap” in the last days.
    Take care and keep shooting :).

  4. Cris, thanks!! Will be back reposting some photos tomorrow…


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