“Team siesta”

May 17, 2008
Panasonic LX2, f8, 1/1000, 6,3mm, iso100, B&W JPEG Processed in PS

Spain is a country known for strong topics: Bullfighting, fiesta, good weather and siesta among the most popular ones..Even when the country has been strongly “Europeized” in the last decades it still carries the label “Spain is different…”. Well, keep just to keep the topics strong and healthy, here, “Team siesta” in the beach..

And as I am going to be away from a computer untill monday just an extra picture for today..


Panasonic LX2, f3.2, 1/80, 6,3mm, iso200, B&W JPEG, Processed in PS


  1. Both photographs are excellent, but maybe you “pushed” it a bit too far with the last one 😀

  2. Wouter: ;-)…

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