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May 15, 2008
Panasonic LX2, f2.8, 1/13, 6,3mm, iso800, B&W JPEG processed in PS

I have allways been a rubish junkie, rubish fascinates me. Let me elaborate..You can meassure the levels of development of a society by the things they throw away. The more “advanced” or “modern” a society is, the shorter the cycles, the shorter the usefull life of things that tend to get replaced more quickly (with it´s subsequent impact on the economy)…Amazing what other people, in other parts of the world would do with our waste. You just need to look at those wonderfully handcrafted “Chevrolets” from the fifties still in use in Cuba.

They say nothing tells you as much about a stranger as their rubish bin..Not that I spend my days checking other peoples rubish but…Just food for thought.