Christopher´s stairway

May 13, 2008
Panasonic LX2, f2.8, 1/13, 6,3mm, iso800, B&W JPEG, unprocessed

The Canary Islands, were the last stop in Christopher Columbus´s expedition to the new world. Columbus lived in this city, Las Palmas, for a while and stayed in a house, in the old town, that now is the Columbus museum. Today I took a walk and decided to enter in the museum for a while. The museum was quiet and I could walk alone entering the different rooms. It was strange and exciting to think that 500 years before me, the man that changed the look of the maps of this world and the course of history had probably climbed the very same stairway that I was climbing that moment..

I would kill to know what went through his head in those days.. What did he fear? Could he imagine what was about to happen? How did he expect his adventure to finish? Amazing.History is everywhere!!



  1. A fantastic perspective. Very interesting indeed. Columbus may have been afraid for the unknown that lay ahead, but was not afraid to dream, try, fail, and prevail.

  2. We have, indeed, lost perspective with the centurys. I believe we can´t really understand the dimension of the quest and what an amazing enterprise Columbus overtook when he decided to part to the “unknown”..Adventures like that simply don´t exist anymore, or are only comparable with our exploration of the outer space!!

  3. Agree with Wouter, great perspective but could work better in sepia so might be worth a try.
    Thanks for the historical background on the picture. very interesting indeed. Wonder what exactly he felt and if he could have guessed the importance he is going to play in the time to come.

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