Ready to play..

May 11, 2008
Panasonic LX2, f7.1, 1/125, 7,1mm, iso100, B&W JPEG tweakes in PS

Those kids, they play every single week, don´t miss a match..No matter if it rains or if the game is in grass or mud. Sore knees and sweet goals. Happiness when they finally make it to the pitch, the best moments of their week..They don´t care about winning of loosing, it´s all about running, chasing the ball and some dreams..free for an hour ot two, away from the books, the bus and the daily brushing of their teeth!! 



  1. Excellent Erik!. The tree, and its shadows, but especially the placement of the bag makes it really work for me.

  2. Agree with Wouter here, great picture and composition.
    Waht I like about your posts is not only your pictures but the text that accompanies them. You write very well and engaging. Here the text makes the impact of the picture even stronger.

  3. Hi guys! Thanks for the replies. This image has a very special meaning to me, probably because of the personal moment I am going through..It transmits ME some things that I doubt it can transmit without words..Which brings me to your comments, Cris: I really enjoy writing some captions for some images, helps to explain the mood and the situation, It feels nice to let them out, but though I try to keep them simple and don´t think them too much I am afraid they are a doubled bladed weapon: They might mean that my images are not strong enough to stand on their own..I am finding that street photography is not working very well for me, and I believe the reason is the lack of a body of work..I find it very difficult ot tell a whole story with just one image (like telling a story with only three words..).

  4. Hi Eric!
    I did not want to imply that your pictures can’t stand on their own. Your pictures can definitely stand on their own and tell a story. It’s more that you can not only take great pictures but also have a talent for writing in a very engaging manner. I enjoy reading your descriptions and find that they enhance them, you don’t go on about how you took them but more you tel a story to each.

  5. Cris, I appreciate the warm coments They are very wellcome, specially now that I´m in bed with a cold flu… 😉

    Best, Erik.

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