May 7, 2008
Panasonic LX2, f3.6, 1/160, 6,7mm, iso100, colour JPEG converted and tweaked in PS 

I had been trying to get this shot from the other side of the tunnel. Waited while several groups of people passed by, but wasn´t getting a shot that pleased me, so I decided to move on. As I got deeper inside I crossed with this man and his kid. I couldn´t avoid listening to their conversation: They were talking about a gift the boy was going to receive and how he should share it with his younger brother..A few seconds later, instinctively I turned around and I saw it!! I moved quickly (fortunately I had been using manual focus all afternoon and hyperfocal was set) and fired..I must of have made some noise when I moved quickly because the kid turned around precisely when I made the picture!! Holding his father´s hand back, I could hear him saying something, don´t know what, but a second later I clearly heard his father reply: “Nah, don´t worry, hes just making a picture of the paintings in the wall…”



  1. Looking at the movement of the kid you can see that story unfold. Excellent photograph Erik.

  2. This is again a picture that tells a story and one can feel what you felt when taking it. It reminds me of film noir with the dark tones and theme. Agree with Wouter, excellent picture.

  3. Morning Guys!! Coming every morning knowing that you are going to be here has become one of the joys of my day…Since I purchased the LX2 I have carried it with me EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY, it is amazing what an experience this is becoming. Long time Canon DSLR shooter, the resut of such a bulky kit was that I became “bored” and stopped taking pictures for over a year. The only thing I really miss is my Sigma 30 f1.4 and it´s mazingly narrow depth of field and beautifull Bokeh..But it´s still there, one if thi days Ill give it a ride. But for now..Panasonic it is!!
    Thanks for the always kind comments and don´t hesitate in doing “negative” critis whenever you feel like, I am in need of constructive feedback..

    Good light to you today!!

  4. I missed the light today. Started working at 7:30 am and finished at 6:50 pm. No mood, no fantasy, but just great to revisite the blogs and read the new comments. And still feeling high about a very encouraging compliment I received from Sean Reid.

  5. Wouter, I had my own share of trouble to come up with an image today..Sometimes I just feel nothing is happening in my city..Hope you will be back in the mood tomorrow and will give us some more of that stuff we love…

    Best, Erik.

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