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May 6, 2008
Panasonic LX2, f8, 1/1300, 7,5mm, iso100, B&W JPEG edited in PS

Today was, simply put, a bad day. I decided to take a walk on the beach even when it was a bit windy. I wasn´t in the mood for making photographs today and was convinced I was coming home empty handed. At one point, this girl was walking ahead of me, and for some reason she cought my attention: There was something in the tranquile way she moved, I could tell she was enjoying her stroll, I coud feel she was really enjoying the moment of serene lonelyness. She was quite young. I find it difficult nowadays to find very young people alone. We feel the urge to stick toghether, and if our mobile phone is not with us when we leave home we feel unsecure, alone, naked…Then, she turned left and walked towards the edge of the avenue and stood there, alone, so quiet, staring at the empty beach just enough time for me to quickly get the camera out and grab this shot. Just after the shutter made it´s little cute noise, she started to walk again and dissapeared from my life…

I doubt that the shot can actually transmit the feeling I had. Sometimes I don´t even know exactly what moves me to press the shutter, but this shot changed my mood today.

P.S.:The most amazing thing is that SHE will never know anything about this…nevertheless imagine that she would be the cover of my blog for today…Strangers!


After going through today´s other pictures and doing some editing I couldn´t resist posting another photo for today…I might have to change the blog´s name to “at least ONE picture a day..”


Panasonic LX2, f8, 1/800, 7,5mm, iso100, colour JPEG converted and edited in PS

This is actually a paper serviett that got hooked in the bar and was “dancing” in the wind. If you look closely you can see the napkin in the first photo (solitude), on the right of the girl…