Lonely Rock, 40 Seconds..

May 2, 2008

Panasonic LX2, f8, 40Seconds, 13,4mm, iso100, Colour JPEG converted and tweaked in PS

Panasonic LX2 and a Gorillapod, a winner combination that can be carried at all times EVERYWHERE..I have been wanting to picture this rock for a while now. Pass by nearly every day, but carrying my 30D and a (big) tripod is out of the question for going to work. It took me a few minutes to set it all up and take the shot. Forty second exposure, converted to BW in photoshop, duotone, curves, and finally some burn and dodge...



  1. Amazing shot, great composition and works very well in b&w.

  2. Cristian,
    as usual thanks for visiting. This is a shot I really enjoyed doing, if only because it has been in my head for ages. Glad I let it out of my system now… 😉

    Am I happy with my Panny…

    Cheers, Erik.

  3. It looks sweet Erik! I would have only straightened the horizon, but the silky effect and the B&W conversion are awesome.

    Well done!

  4. Thanks Wouter!! Incredibly, I had not noticed the horizon being tilted until you mentioned…


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