Urban Art

April 30, 2008

Panasonic LX2, f3,2, 1/320, 6,3mm, iso100, Colour JPEG unprocessed

It amazes me the incredible skills and talent some anonymous people have. I pass by this graffitti everyday on my way to work and it allways catches my attention. It is big, quite big…And finally I had to shoot it.(Click image to see a bigger version in Flickr).



  1. I agree, some graffitti like this actually adds to the urban landscape and should be promoted. Better have graffitti art on the walls in certain places then just scribbling of names and so on. I am sure if you give people a place where they can express themselves they would not necessary leave their scribblings all over town and on trains etc.

  2. Cristian, I know some cities are creating areas where the “urban artists” can do their stuff. I think it´s a great idea, but they are still like little ghettos…

    Many cities here in Spain consider urban art as a way of destroying public spaces and have forbidden it completely (urban artists are prosecuted).

    In many cases I much prefer their art to the one of those VERY well paid artist that get commisioned by our politics to “decorate” our city with huge(too modern in some cases) pieces of iron, glass and concrete that mean nothing to the majority of the citizens…

    Mind me, I don´t intend to say that our cities should be full of graffittis all around, but co-existing in democracy can be a difficult task!!

    Cheers, Erik.

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