Street music

April 28, 2008

Panasonic LX2, f4,5, 1/50, 18mm, iso400, colour JPEG converted in Photoshop.

My first post in this Blog..I intend to publish a picture a day as well as my findings and experiences with this fantastic little camera. So far I am delighted with it. I am amazed how usable iso400 is resulting, I was expecting from all the reviews and comments read elsewhere a much worse behaviour. Nonsense, this camera is the perfect notebook!! Though this picture is not from today (took it during the weekend) I thought I would open the Blog with it. As a curious note, this morning I found a picure in the most important local paper of this very same group in an article dedicated to street artists in our city..



  1. You are off for a good start Erik. Excellent picture and it sure looks great with ISO400. Last year it was either going to be the LX2 or the Ricoh GX100. Maybe I will pick up a LX2 as a backup camera.

  2. Wouter, thanks for the kind comments. I was debating between the GX100 and the LX2 myself. I was ready to jump on the GX when a fantastic deal on a used LX2 appeared and I went for it. I am glad I did, the 16:9 surely is fun and a way of framing that is resulting very much of my taste. You won´t regret it a bit if you decide to go for it..


  3. Great first picture. Looking forward to what is to come. The LX2 surely looks like a very good camera and the 16:9 is tempting but I already have too many cameras ;).

  4. Christian, thanks for popping in…By the way, can one really EVER have to many cameras?? 😉 I am still tempted by the GX100, everytime I pass near my local dealer and see it my heart skips a beat…but…not tonight Josephine!!

    Cheers, Erik.

  5. Hehe, you are right, one can never have too many cameras. This is why at the moment I try to get hold of a Panasonic LC1 or a Leica Digilux 2 ;).

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