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Urban Art

April 30, 2008

Panasonic LX2, f3,2, 1/320, 6,3mm, iso100, Colour JPEG unprocessed

It amazes me the incredible skills and talent some anonymous people have. I pass by this graffitti everyday on my way to work and it allways catches my attention. It is big, quite big…And finally I had to shoot it.(Click image to see a bigger version in Flickr).




April 29, 2008


Panasonic LX2, f4,9, 1/500, 13,4mm, iso800, colour JPEG unprocessed

Wake up early, walk the dogs while the cofee is in the fire. Grab your things and jump in a bus to drop the boy at school. Day at work, Ah, the sun´s allready reaching the horizon!! Run to the supermarket, fill the fridge, oh yeah, the dogs are hungry too.. damn, the day´s allways running faster than you…and the dummies in the shop windows, they stare at you, motionless, headless , they are there to remind you why you keep rushing through your life: It´s all for the shiny goodies you pile at home.

Hard to find any time to grab a shot..But I guess any subject is good enough, if only to give your Panny a good run at iso 800…



Street music

April 28, 2008

Panasonic LX2, f4,5, 1/50, 18mm, iso400, colour JPEG converted in Photoshop.

My first post in this Blog..I intend to publish a picture a day as well as my findings and experiences with this fantastic little camera. So far I am delighted with it. I am amazed how usable iso400 is resulting, I was expecting from all the reviews and comments read elsewhere a much worse behaviour. Nonsense, this camera is the perfect notebook!! Though this picture is not from today (took it during the weekend) I thought I would open the Blog with it. As a curious note, this morning I found a picure in the most important local paper of this very same group in an article dedicated to street artists in our city..